Consumers want high-quality delivery and carry-out meals ready to eat. Delivery Kitchens understands that rebuilding the traditional restaurants for the delivery experience has many components including, but not limited to configurable kitchen, supply-chain, kitchen management, staff-on-demand, dishwashing, order management (POS), take-out management, delivery management, marketing, and loyalty management.  These are all things chefs, artisans, and restaurateurs are not particularly skilled. Delivery Kitchens goal is to create a turn-key solution so the best chefs, artisans, and restaurateurs can expand their brands along with Delivery Kitchens as we expand our presence across the country.  

First, the configurable kitchen space to cook solves a number of problems for the chefs, artisans, and restaurateurs. The inexpensive, low start-up rent allows existing businesses to expand quickly and move into new markets at minimal cost. This will lower overhead and create a faster time to market for upcoming chefs, artisans, and restaurateurs. Configurable kitchens by Delivery Kitchens provides financing for major equipment purchases and be able to build those costs into the lease.  Delivery Kitchens will manage supply-chain through a digital platform to help provide daily deliveries for each tenant. 

Beyond just the physical space, Delivery Kitchens will ease the labor burden on customers through fractional staffing or staff-on-demand. The space will require fewer staff to operate the kitchen and staffing cost will be proportionally shared among the tenants.  Delivery Kitchens will supply the dishwashing, janitorial services, staff-on-demand, and take-out management for the kitchen, further lowering the headcount and cost to operate.   

Next, Delivery Kitchens will provide order management, take-out management, integrate delivery management, and create a loyalty program to lower the overall cost of delivery and improve the volume of orders through a monthly subscription model.


Technomic, a research and consulting firm focused on food and related products and services, issued a vital piece of advice, “it is imperative for brands to focus on operational efficiency and food quality.” Delivery Kitchens provides a number of technology products as the restaurant operator to address tenant pains. In addition, Delivery Kitchens also offers real estate, operational, and infrastructure services to tenants.


Affordable Kitchen Space, Specifically Configured for Pickup and Delivery

Delivery Kitchens provides affordable kitchen space to established businesses and operators, both large and small, which is specifically configured to accommodate delivery and curbside pickup only food services. In addition to providing the space, Delivery Kitchens assists with tenant improvements and equipment procurement as needed. There are different sized spaces for different needs, offering tenants the chance to scale their operations as their volume and profits increase.

Strategic Consulting and Process Improvement

Delivery Kitchens’ commitment to helping restaurants succeed includes business and process improvement consulting services, ensuring tenants are getting the most out of the technologies they use. Further, consultation of staffing, order and supply chain management, ticketing, delivery-oriented food preparation and packaging. Best practices in addition to pricing, menu planning and accounting, among other areas will also be available.

Shared Utilities

Tenants will benefit from a certain allotment of bundled utility usage, including electricity, gas, water and internet.

Shared Delivery and Pickup Area

Delivery spaces are configured in such a way as to facilitate pickup and delivery for all of the kitchens at any one location. Each location includes a loading area for receiving supplies and products, as well as a well designed pick areas for patrons and delivery people.

Full Service Marketing Solutions

One of the primary challenges faced by restaurant owners is the inability to market effectively due to lack of time, wherewithal and/or expertise. Delivery Kitchens will address this by providing a suite of marketing solutions which include:

Strategic planning of campaigns and guidance in creating assets Professional Photography and video

Design services and digital production Copywriting and ad messaging Campaign Setup

Campaign management

Primary means of marketing that consists of paid social media campaigns as well as local influencer based marketing and referral campaigns.

Helping tenants hone their strategies and produce assets to produce usable collateral, powerful campaigns, and engagement mechanics that will drive acquisition such as discounts, referral campaigns, giveaways and contests.

Shared Administrative Space, Tooling, and Fractional Staff

In addition to individual kitchen spaces, each delivery space also includes certain shared amenities such as administrative/coworking space, which is useful for menu planning, staff meetings, accounting and other operational duties. Access to computers and software make business owners more efficient, in addition to equipment and information that can be used to produce marketing assets in the form of photographs, video content, flyers and menus.

With these shared administrative areas come shared BOH areas, like a community dish pit, among other key components to run a kitchen. The staff that runs these areas, janitorial, dish pit, etc., have wages spread among all of the tenants and not just on one brand. This model, fractional staffing, provides labor relief to tenants without cutting corners in the business model.

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