About Us

Problem, Opportunity, Solution

Founded in 2020, Delivery Kitchens, LLC was created in response to the dislocation in the restaurant industry due to COVID-19 that is creating distressed asset buying opportunities at scale.

Opportunities abound to purchase restaurants at distressed prices below replacement value, but with the need to renovate, reposition, and retenant.

Delivery Kitchens has the expertise to reposition distressed real estate assets, combine restaurant tenants into one building, converting dine in space into additional kitchen space to lease to chefs, artisans, and restaurateurs.

Let Chefs Be Chefs!

Delivery Kitchens is here to take the burden of running a restaurant off the chef's shoulders so chefs can be chefs!

Delivery Kitchens' mission is to build out configurable kitchens and an end to end technology platform to enable chefs, artists, and restaurant operators to offer turn-key, hyper-local delivery and carry-out meals.

Specifically, we are committed to empowering chefs and restaurateurs by providing shared infrastructure, tooling and technology to help them enhance online visibility, mitigate risk, boost productivity, reduce operating costs and create a lower barrier to entry.

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