What services are provided under the membership fees?
The three most important services are the infrastructure, marketing, and fractional staffing:

Infrastructure: FOH, BOH, and POS software, dishes/cookware, online ordering, and multiple customer interfaces to drive traffic to.

Marketing:  Professional marketing diagnostic and consulting, social media campaigns, guerilla marketing, third party apps, paid advertisements, and digital marketing, customer loyalty rewards

Fractional Staffing:  A front of house person to receive, bag, and deliver orders. A back of house person to clean dishes and the shared spaces.

What are the hours of operation?
DK support staff will be in the building from 9a-9pm everyday.

What hours can I access the facility?

How is my kitchen secured?
Individual fridge spaces and pantries will be locked, as well as the building at large. We also have cameras throughout the building.

Who washes the dishes?
We have a shared back of house employee that will be washing the dishes when they are in the building. We ask that you take care of your own dishes after hours, but during our business hours, and importantly the rush, we have somebody washing dishes for you included in your membership fee.

How does prepared food get from my kitchen to the front of house for pickup by either the consumer or delivery service?
When you are done cooking the dish, you set it up, and we take care of the rest.

What equipment is included in the kitchen?
We strive to partner with our chefs and offer a turn-key equipment solution. The equipment for each kitchen space varies as the size varies as well.

I like my current software. Can I continue to use my own?
That depends on your software. The POS is required, but the rest of our technology services are still available to you.

Can I bring my own kitchen equipment to my space or do I have to use what is provided by DK?
Yes, after an initial DK inspection.

Do I need my own business license, permit to operate, and insurance?
You need your own business license, permit to operate, insurance, food handlers cards, and a food handler manager card.

How do I get paid when I fulfill an order?
You will get paid two days later for all of the sales you made that day.

Who pays the utilities?
Utility costs are proportionally built into the rent.

What is the term of the lease?
The lease is one year with a 90 day cancellation clause, and a 90 day trial period at the beginning of the lease.  Longer term leases are available.

What is the monthly rent for each size?
Our membership fees include $6/sq foot in base rent, and up to 15% of revenue.

Who pays for the to-go containers/bags/etc.?
Brand specific bags and packaging are paid for by you, but your membership fee covers the larger bags, to-go silverware, and all cups. Your membership also includes direct access to our brand packaging partners.

Who negotiates third party delivery contracts?
We at DK actually negotiate that deal for you, and because we’re larger and partner with them, we get more favorable rates, so you have more revenue in your pocket. We currently work with Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, ChowNow, Postmates.

How does DK avoid competition among chefs?
We are very selective in our menus to avoid competition and offer consumers a diverse menu. Plus, other chef’s brands will help grow the exposure of your brand and vice versa.

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